Wait Till The Clouds Roll By

For my first album I have chosen a selection of mainly traditional folk songs of Irish, Scottish, English and American origin as well as two of my own.Since records from the 60s and 70s have inspired me a lot I wanted to record single takes of the songs in a live manner without overdubbing. Doing so each song was captured in it’s unique moment in time.

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“...alive and dangerous feel to the album...”

”... he channels the spirit of Andy Irvine in his cittern and harmonica work”…

“ ...pacing is a pleasure on this album...”


“... a fully accomplished and complete musical and vocal entity.
There is no lack of co-ordination between vocal performance and accompanying ability of musical incongruity- everything fits with a glove like comfort and the result is a unique catalogue of stunning interpretative skills.”

“... each gripping syllable retaining a knife-edged excitement...”

“Somehow he channels the ghosts of the Irish and American style with its romantic altruistic lyricism and the strident urgent delivery declaring a fresh vibrant youthful energy.”

John O’Regan -Music Journalist-

“... the result has a very appealing, at once intimate and raw, primitive retro ambience that reminds me quite a bit of the very first Incredible String Band LP...”

“...Fintan tackles acknowledged, trusty classics of the tradition in an individual and distinctive manner that often stems from deeply traditional sean nós...”

”... a treasurably intense a cappella version of A Stór Mo Chroí ...”

“... deftly pointed, gently expressive account of Edward On Lough Erne’s Shore that provides the ideal album closer, one that fair makes you long even more for his second record!“